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I have had Bill do work on my cars for over 20 years, both for repairs and bodywork. He is always efficient fair and honest. I have sent people his way numerous, numerous times over the years. Seriously, I have had some friends who are older and a bit stubborn and then are in a pinch and finally end up going to Bill on a Saturday and say I will never go anywhere else. He is just an all-around great guy: fair, honest, understanding.I always recommend Bill.  If there were more mechanics, really more people, in this world like Bill, the world would be a better place!

Donna Fradet | Rochester, Michigan 48307

I have had great success with Bill over the last 20-some years now. If I have a problem, he takes care of it. He’ll supply a vehicle if I need it -- he will take care of anything I need. He has done all the mechanical repairs on my cars for years  and has also done body repairs for me, with great satisfaction. Yes, I would absolutely recommend Bill!

Fred Hynick | Troy, Michigan 48317

Bill is very, very good and dependable. He repaired my truck from the end of my truck to the front, and has done more than help me. He helps all my kids and my grandkids, too. He just repaired my daughter’s van after she had an accident. I would recommend Bill to anyone.

Herbert Ligons | Customer for over 20 years | Auburn Hills, MI 48326

I began working with Bill's a few years ago.  First, they are all very nice people and I've met and chatted with at least half of them and that includes the techs!  Second, they stand behind their work and if a repair was warrantied, they just let you know they will get it taken care of.  Third, they have fair pricing, I don't go someplace else to get a price before going to Bill's, I'm confident that I'm being treated fairly and with respect.  Fourth, we have 6 vehicles in the family, Bill and his team know that we create a lot of work for them and they want to keep us all happy.  Fifth, I've actually sold him 3 old vehicles that either were dead or dying and they were a fair transaction - all those vehicles are in working order and being driven again!  If any of these things mean something to you "Great", there are lots of places to take your vehicle(s), I take all mine to Bill's!

Mike C. | Oakland Township, MI 48363

I can’t say enough good things about Bill.He was there for me when I needed it the most. When I was out of work and needed help, he was there. I had just moved to the area and didn’t have the money to fix my car. Bill told me not to worry and fixed my car for me. I will always recommend Bill. He is a great mechanic -- his team is great -- and he is an even better person. I can’t say enough good things about Bill as a person and as a mechanic. I have and I always will recommend Bill because I know that he will do the right thing and be honest about what really needs to be done. He goes over everything, so you know exactly what to expect without any issues.

Marilynn St. James | Lake Orion, MI | Customer for over 10 years

Everything I have to say about Bill is all good. He’s a good guy and does great work both as a mechanic and for auto body work. When we go to Bill’s, we know we will get straight talk and he won’t try to upsell something that is unnecessary. He’s been our mechanic for years and for our kids through their teenage years: My son had a fender bender and I had him talk to Bill for a lesson -- Bill put him through the drill of the costs, and gave him options for how to pay.  He has always been very fair, honest and helpful. I have peace of mind and know I can trust the work that is done what what he suggests. Whenever anyone asks about a good mechanic, I always recommend Bill. He is a great mechanic and a great guy in the community!

Michelle Harm | Shelby Township, MI | Customer for over 10 years

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